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Let me ask you?

  • Is your child having difficulties with their anxiety?
  • Are you going through a separation or divorce and your child needs some strategies to accept and cope with the transitional changes?
  • Is your child's anger impacting upon their relationships with peers and their academic success?
  • Is your child experiencing difficulty accepting grief with the loss of a loved one?
  • Does your child need help to solve small relational problems with peers?
  • Does your child lack acceptance with peers due to social skill delays?
  • Is your child a target of bullying, or is your child demonstrating bullying behaviours?
If so ... I may be able to assist them with skill building, coping skills, strategies, and creating goals to move forward. I do this by using activities and games to promote the learning of new concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Deb Cockerton, BST, CYC

Deb has worked with children and youth for over 30 years. Her goal is to help both children and youth with social skills development by using therapeutic play and activities to discover, learn and practice new strategies that will help them in the home, school and community environment.

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